An Infinite Summer

You wanted colour and you got colour.

Saying that no one actually requested colour but it was time to make something with no black in whatsoever. I failed with that, there's definitely some black below but it's in the minority and the rest is bordering on resplendent. The snaps are all from Malta (the greatest island I have holidayed upon to date) and the phrase 'An Infinite Summer' is lifted from one of Albert Camus' most beautiful essays.

Indiana XI

There was a time when all I knew, or cared to know, of Robert Indiana was his LOVE piece. Similar to the execrable "Keep Calm & Carry On" it has been hijacked and demeaned to a point where any sight of it is greeted with nothing but sincere contempt.

A few Novembers back I was at MUMOK in Vienna and saw his Der Mond piece and adored it. Digging deeper (and purchasing a silly expensive coffee table book on the cheap via eBay) I found some of the most enjoyable art I had yet come across. The book is adamant that Indiana was on the fringes of the POP ART scene and while he fraternised with Warhol and others he kept his distance. Still, he fits in with his contemporaries like a drunk at a bar.

Were someone to ever ask me the irritating question "What is art?" I would respond "A representation and, deliberately or not, an exaggeration of real life". This is what Indiana is to me. The world became filled with loud colours, bold slogans and countless signs and Indiana made his own versions.

As a dedication to this great man I saw it fit to bastardise his Numbers series by assigning the traditional football position to each number. If I ever have the money or the will I may get these printed and adorn my wall with them.